Easily one of the most common questions we have heard from divers over the years, is if, and when someone should take a scuba refresher/review.

While there's not an exact criteria, we feel the most important thing is to be honest about your own ability or feeling, and go from there.

To get a better idea of how we decide whether to recommend a scuba review, take a look at these simple questions below:

  • It has been a while since my last dive - 12 months or more

  • I had a bad experience last time, or I simply lost my mojo 

  • Can I assemble my own equipment, confidently?

  • What should I do in an emergency?


The list could go on but if any of these apply to you then it could be the perfect time to put some practice in.

The great news is that we can help you refresh your skills while diving on the Great Barrier Reef, meaning that you get to work on your technique and enjoy our stunning dive sites at the same time!






The ReActivate program is easy, with just 2 parts:

  • Knowledge refresher via the ReActivate 'Touch', digital course

  • In-water practice out on the Great Barrier Reef

ReActivate Touch, can easily be done before you go on holiday, giving you more free time once you are here in Port Douglas. You'll be taken through  scenarios to test your problem solving  skills; understanding of dive safety concepts and dive planning; all designed to get you feeling confident again.

Obviously the best part is diving on the Great Barrier Reef, where we will  discuss and explain  important, practical ideas with you; before jumping-in for the first dive.

Once in the water, it might take a moment for you to get used to the feeling again, but once you do you'll be reminded of why you took-up diving in the first place. 

Once all of the training is complete - usually during the first dive, we spend the rest of your day at the reef exploring and recapturing the feeling you had that made scuba diving so enjoyable for you!



Minimum age for the PAD ReACTIVATE program is 10

Certain medical conditions and/or medications may pose a health risk and preclude you from diving.  Please contact us for details

A valid licence from a recognised scuba diving organisation is essential

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